There is pleasure meant in pain

There is dryness in the rain

There is purpose in all vain

There’s an Abel’n any Kain

There is courage in all fears

There’s a smile lurked in all tears

There’s a lion in all deers

There’s a forward in all rears

There is blindness in all sight

There is light in every night

There is wrong in every right

There is loss in every fight

But there’s blessing into death

There is music in the deaf

There is peace in every wrath

There is freedom in blood baths

There’s a dream for every sleep

There’s a wolf for every sheep

There’s a depth for every peak

There’s a strenght for every weak

There’s a win for every fail

There’s a wind for every sail

There’s a train for every rail

There’s a hole for every nail

Every coin has but two sides

Every mirror’n itself hides

We all lose and we all win

We are all our own twin

Unless the coin faces the impossible and falls on its edge.

That’s when you step outside the box and become … free


3 Responses to “Twins”

  1. Absolut superba poezia. 😉
    Imi place la nebunie. Bv.

    Imi dai voie sa o dedic cuiva? 😀

  2. Superb intr-adevar. Nu stiu cum iti vin ideile, dar ma bucur de fiecare data cand citesc asa ceva. Felicitari!

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